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Cincinnati Comic Expo - 2015

More photos I never posted from last year's event, since the 2016 Cincinnati Comic Expo is coming up this weekend!

Cincinnati Pride Parade!

People of all walks of life came to the Cincinnati Pride Parade to show their support for the LGBTQ community in Cincinnati (and worldwide). I tried to capture the energy of the parade participants and crowd, while also enjoying the event (as in, taking in the experience and purposefully putting my camera down here and there). Every year, I've been either out of town or busy during the Cincinnati Pride parade weekend and this year I was finally was able to attend. It was especially moving to see participants carrying signs honoring each individual who perished in the horrific Orlando nightclub shooting. It was a very thoughtful way to honor these victims. 

Walter the warthog and other curiosities.

Pictured below: Walter the warthog is taken for a walk through the Cincinnati Zoo on a warm day in March. During the stroll, he abruptly dropped to the ground to roll around – I'm guessing he had to scratch an itch on his back! 

Not sure if this is the same peacock every time, or if there are multiple peacocks roaming the zoo… regardless, he's a lovely fellow, and this kid just reaaallly wanted to catch him and touch his colorful feathers!

Did you know that a group of flamingos is called a flamboyance? Well, I also witnessed a flamboyance of flamingos on a recent zoo visit. Quite a noisy bunch! "They have small brains," explained one of the zookeepers, as the birds appeared easily distracted and had to keep being redirected.   

Source: http://cincinnatizoo.org

Glencoe-Auburn Rowhouses, pre-demolition

These photos of the graffiti-covered, abandoned Glencoe-Auburn Row Houses in Cincinnati have been on my computer for almost a year, and I regret that I'm just now posting them. They were in the process of being demolished when I ventured down Glencoe Avenue to take photos. I have an affinity for all sorts of historic and abandoned buildings. They tend to be full of character, whether that character lies in their architecture, colorful paint, rotting ceilings, crumbling bricks, or the occasional (or rampant) graffiti. Some buildings make you wonder who used to live there and what their lives were like, and sometimes you can find clues left behind.

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