Humphry Davy

Gravity of Light

Gravity of Light was a 2012 installation created by artists and twin brothers Doug and Mike Starn, using a carbon arc lamp as the central and singular light source to highlight several large prints symbolizing light and dark, life and death. Presented by the Cincinnati Art Museum within the Holy Cross Church in the Mt. Adams Monastery, the crumbling brick, smattering of broken floorboards, and chilly air provided a perfectly eerie setting. The lamp was an adaptation of the 1804 creation by British physicist Humphry Davy (and was the first practical electric light). It provided a crackling light which would occasionally flicker out completely and had to be tediously re-ignited by an attendant. Viewers were required to wear protective glasses since the brightness was a similar intensity to the sun. Please enjoy – I hope you're as mesmerized as I was.

BEWARE creepy bats and giant skulls!