Getting to know you…

I recently purchased a Fujifilm x100s  to be my "fun" camera for short trips and just exploring. It was truly love at first sight! The camera looks gorgeous - it harkens back to the glory days of film photography although it's digital. The lack of a detachable lens has been simultaneously challenging and exhilarating – I'm so accustomed to switching lenses based on the situation, that I have to slow down and really think creatively about composing the image. So far I've been tinkering with the different settings, including options that imitate the look of color and B&W film. These are my best photos, so far, taken at the Cincinnati Museum Center.

The photos of me were taken by my sidekick/husband. Also, none of these have been retouched, except for the image of the flag, which I adjusted very slightly in Photoshop.