Up close with Grand Canyon squirrels!

TOP: Just after sunrise, a squirrel has a snack while enjoying the view overlooking the Pipe Creek Vista in the South Rim of the Grand Canyon on July 1, 2015.

BOTTOM: A squirrel lies down and stretches out to take in the view of the Pipe Creek Vista in the South Rim of the Grand Canyon on July 1, 2015.

Getting to know you…

I recently purchased a Fujifilm x100s  to be my "fun" camera for short trips and just exploring. It was truly love at first sight! The camera looks gorgeous - it harkens back to the glory days of film photography although it's digital. The lack of a detachable lens has been simultaneously challenging and exhilarating – I'm so accustomed to switching lenses based on the situation, that I have to slow down and really think creatively about composing the image. So far I've been tinkering with the different settings, including options that imitate the look of color and B&W film. These are my best photos, so far, taken at the Cincinnati Museum Center.

The photos of me were taken by my sidekick/husband. Also, none of these have been retouched, except for the image of the flag, which I adjusted very slightly in Photoshop.  

Fun with Fiestaware!

I've been meaning to make some photos of the fun and colorful Fiestaware and various other tableware from our wedding registry. This brand is made regionally in West Virginia! For this shoot, I made a French press using a bright green Bodum press and a blend of delicious beans from Higher Grounds and Dark Matter. And yes, the coffee was consumed. With chocolate (not pictured). We love drinking from these Kate Spade mugs with our initials! I never knew I could be so enamored with plates... but when they come in bright colors and unique designs, I can't resist!

Gravity of Light

Gravity of Light was a 2012 installation created by artists and twin brothers Doug and Mike Starn, using a carbon arc lamp as the central and singular light source to highlight several large prints symbolizing light and dark, life and death. Presented by the Cincinnati Art Museum within the Holy Cross Church in the Mt. Adams Monastery, the crumbling brick, smattering of broken floorboards, and chilly air provided a perfectly eerie setting. The lamp was an adaptation of the 1804 creation by British physicist Humphry Davy (and was the first practical electric light). It provided a crackling light which would occasionally flicker out completely and had to be tediously re-ignited by an attendant. Viewers were required to wear protective glasses since the brightness was a similar intensity to the sun. Please enjoy – I hope you're as mesmerized as I was.

BEWARE creepy bats and giant skulls!

RIP Mary Ellen Mark

Mary Ellen Mark, a legendary photographer known for her documentary work showing the lives of people from all walks of life, passed away May 25. She has an astounding collection of work and showed compassion for those she photographed, keeping in touch with her subjects for years. Future generations of visual artists can be inspired by her - she unflinchingly captured simple moments that were complex in their emotional resonance. (see Ward 81, Streetwise and the slightly more light-hearted Prom and Twins)

Before I really learned anything about photography or notable photographers, I recall flipping through an issue of Life magazine, since that was still in print when I was a kid and my awesome parents had a subscription. This particular issue had one of her photo essays showing a week in the life of the Damm family struggling to get by, and that image of the family crammed in the car stayed in my memory. Many years later in college when when I did learn about Mary Ellen Mark, I remembered that haunting photo. 




Walter the warthog and other curiosities.

Pictured below: Walter the warthog is taken for a walk through the Cincinnati Zoo on a warm day in March. During the stroll, he abruptly dropped to the ground to roll around – I'm guessing he had to scratch an itch on his back! 

Not sure if this is the same peacock every time, or if there are multiple peacocks roaming the zoo… regardless, he's a lovely fellow, and this kid just reaaallly wanted to catch him and touch his colorful feathers!

Did you know that a group of flamingos is called a flamboyance? Well, I also witnessed a flamboyance of flamingos on a recent zoo visit. Quite a noisy bunch! "They have small brains," explained one of the zookeepers, as the birds appeared easily distracted and had to keep being redirected.   

Source: http://cincinnatizoo.org


For this photo, I just used some nice window light to snap a quick self-portrait. (Window light always wins). I liked the overexposure since it created an ethereal look and also eliminated most of the background elements. Then I layered two images in Photoshop to create a double-exposure effect. 

Glencoe-Auburn Rowhouses, pre-demolition

These photos of the graffiti-covered, abandoned Glencoe-Auburn Row Houses in Cincinnati have been on my computer for almost a year, and I regret that I'm just now posting them. They were in the process of being demolished when I ventured down Glencoe Avenue to take photos. I have an affinity for all sorts of historic and abandoned buildings. They tend to be full of character, whether that character lies in their architecture, colorful paint, rotting ceilings, crumbling bricks, or the occasional (or rampant) graffiti. Some buildings make you wonder who used to live there and what their lives were like, and sometimes you can find clues left behind.

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